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Vera: Our Favorite Plant Care App for Android and iOS

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Written by Stuart

May 17, 2020

I’ve always loved having plants in my home. As a kid, my mom had spider plants and philodendrons throughout our house. Both types of plants were easy to care for and were very forgiving when it came to watering and maintenance. As an adult, I’ve had a pretty good run at keeping my plants alive. I had a rough schedule in my brain and watered them every few days. When Milo was about two, he wanted to participate more in the watering and care for our houseplants, and I needed a way to keep watering and care schedules better coordinated. I did a decent amount of research and was having a hard time tracking down an Android app that would let me organize my house plants and create a watering schedule until I came across Vera.

small houseplant in pot in window

Vera is a plant care management app for both Android and iOS that allows you to track and take care of your houseplants. With Vera, you can create profiles of your plants that include photos, watering and fertilizer schedules, journaling notes, and more. Vera also will send you push notifications directly to your device when it is time to water or feed your plant. Vera takes a little setting up, but once you get into the groove, it’s a breeze. 

Right now, the flow in our house is when a new plant comes home: 

  1. Milo and I open Vera
  2. Take a photo of the new plant
  3. Give the new plant a name
  4. Enter the species of plant in Vera
  5. Create a watering schedule 
  6. Find somewhere in the house of the plant to live

Getting Milo involved with plant care has been a lot of fun. He was immediately engaged and has taken both ownership of naming the plants as well as helping to care for them. Right now, most of the plant names tend to correlate to a physical attribute of the plant. In our living room, we have Sharp the African Milk Tree, Whitey the Peace Lily, Tree the ficus, Helicopter the group of succulents, and a few more. When a push notification comes through from Vera, we pull open the app and take a look at which plant needs water. Milo is in charge of grabbing his watering can and helping to water the plants. Milo also gets to help press the watered button on Vera to clear the notification. A few times a month, I’ll catch him looking at the enormous leaves of the giant bird of paradise we have in the main bedroom and then snapping a picture with his point-and-shoot camera of new growth.

Design & Features

Aside from the app being so easy of use, it’s also really nicely designed. The illustrations are super pretty and cozy, and the user experience is a real delight. Vera also does a great job of helping to create a photo journal of your plants. It’s been fascinating to take pictures over time and then look back at the impressive growth of a leaf or flow or branch. If there was one feature I wish the app had, I wish there was an identification component. Sometimes I’ll pick up a plant from the garden center that looks interesting but doesn’t have a name or care card attached. If Vera had an identification component to it, it would be a game-changer. 

It’s exciting to see how engaged Milo has been with the plants, and it’s exciting to see how active the team behind Vera is with its growth and development. Vera is the way to go if you’re looking to keep your house plants organized and adequately watered while keeping your toddler engaged. 

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